Refund Policy

The cancellation of admission or refund policy of fees at Bharati Vidya Mandir (BVM) School is a comprehensive framework that outlines the various scenarios and procedures associated with the cancellation of student admissions and the subsequent refund of fees. This policy is in place to address circumstances where either the school or the parent decides to cancel the admission for different reasons.

Cancellation of Admission:

Bharati Vidya Mandir (BVM) School, as an educational institution, holds the right to cancel a student’s admission at any point during the academic session. However, it’s essential to note that once the student admission process is completed, the school has a strict policy of not entertaining any refund requests. This emphasizes the importance of commitment and thorough consideration during the admission process.

Cancellation by the Parent:

Parents hold the autonomy to decide to withdraw their child’s admission from the school. In the event of such a decision, the policy clearly states that no refund will be provided for the amount already paid. This underlines the significance of parents making informed decisions about their child’s education and considering all factors before initiating the withdrawal process.

If, for any reason, a parent or student has paid an amount exceeding the required fees at any point during the academic session, whether through cheque, draft, credit/debit card, Electronic Fund Transfer, or cash, the excess amount collected will be adjusted against subsequent term payments. This ensures a transparent and fair adjustment process, preventing any financial discrepancies.

Cancellation by Bharati Vidya Mandir (BVM) School:

In the rare event that circumstances necessitate the cancellation of a student’s admission by Bharati Vidya Mandir (BVM) School, the school is committed to informing the student/parent about the reasons behind this decision. The school management will thoroughly evaluate the case to ensure that the cancellation is genuine and legitimate. If the case is found to be so, the school will initiate a refund process. The refund amount, in such cases, is determined on a case-to-case basis, showcasing the school’s dedication to fairness and individual consideration. Along with this, if the payment would be done due to online payment through a gateway or direct submission, then payment will not be refunded. The refund, if applicable, will be provided to the student/parent using a crossed cheque in favor of the parent’s name. This financial transaction ensures a secure and traceable method of refunding any fees owed to the parent.

In essence, the cancellation and refund policy at Bharati Vidya Mandir (BVM) School is designed to maintain transparency, fairness, and adherence to ethical standards. It serves as a guideline for both the school and parents, fostering a clear understanding of the procedures and expectations associated with the cancellation of admissions and the handling of fees.