Mission & Vission


Bharati Vidya Mandir(B.V.M) is devoted to offer state-of-the-artwork education, including Indian values and World culture, aiming to create freeing the mind.


Bharati Vidya Mandir(B.V.M) ambitions to instill in every kid a feel of inquiring and `do research with an urge for experimentation, statement, and combination of different ideas. We undertake to unfasten the getting to know the process, from the confines of the 4 partitions of lecture rooms and take it in addition to hobby workshops, useful resource centers, laboratories, and libraries, coaching much less for getting to know more. Every kid is endorsed to inculcate the values of the citizenry; a dedication to desirable health, excessive values, and sensitivity to the environment. We try to manual and guide every kid of their adventure from number one to senior faculty and put them together for the way through school.