CBSE school at Kolkata


B.V.M is one of the best CBSE school at Kolkata, so they also inspire the student to gain more knowledge outside their syllabus. So they unlock the school’s LIBRARY to all school students from Class-III onwards. All lessons have a Library duration of their weekly timetable. Students are going to the Library, must look at the subsequent rules:

Guidelines regarding CBSE school at Kolkata:

  • All pupils and staff of the school are members of the library.

  • Every pupil will lend and examine books from the Library at a time for a period of two weeks, as consistent with the schedule.

  • A staff member can lend a maximum of 5 books at a time for a period of 1 month.

  • The students can’t issue a new book until they return the previously issued book.

  • Reference books aren’t for taking back home. Library In-charge may examine these books most effectively in the Library.

  • If books are again overdue without a legitimate reason, then the library in charge may take back the lending service for a duration of as much as four weeks.

  • Pupils shouldn’t tear the page of library books.

  • We strictly forbid marking, underlining, or writing on the library books periodicals, and newspapers.

  • Books deformed, broken, or misplaced at the same time as in ownership of debtors will get replaced through them, if they can’t do so then their dad and mom may be billed three times the price of the books.

  • Library In-charge can ban any pupil, who intentionally deforms a book from the Library for the whole time period or educational year.


Other Guidelines’:

  • The Library has an open gate right of entry to the system. So the scholars need to assist preserve the order and should organize the books in distinct cabinets.

  • They need to locate the books withinside the cabinets strictly consistent with the decision numbers. They should do it after ending the formalities with the Library In-charge.

  • We don’t allow students to deliver their non-public books or assets to the Library

  • Students must return library books again in time for which Parents must take complete liability.

  • The students should maintain a quiet atmosphere withinside the Library, read and talk quietly, use a whisper voice if required.

  • The authority doesn’t allow any food or drink in the library.

  • Pupils should make sure to leave the library as clean as it is when they come in.


Students of Class III onwards get every other possibility to experience analyzing age-suitable books each exchange week through their classroom. An introduced goal of this exercise is to infuse the abilities of accountable control of sources. It is also about taking care of books for our school students. The whole procedure of the book given and taken back, series of fine, care and protection may be controlled through the pupils themselves. The library in charge allocate these books to magnificence may be given and taken back for the duration of distinct magnificence hours. If a pupil fails to give back a book in time, then the library in charge can withdraw his/her lending service for a duration of as much as four weeks.